Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Sometimes I feel like I am always ONE away.

One minute too early or late. One chapter away from finishing my book before falling asleep. One ingredient too short in my Swedish meatballs (and honestly, you can't really do Swedish meatballs without the meat...or so I figured out last night). I get so frustrated being so close but not getting the end result that I wanted. This morning, though, I realized that sometimes I need to celebrate being ONE away.

This morning, sweet little Grant was running from one side of the hallway to the other. Running. Back and forth. Back and forth. While he was doing that, he was singing some song. He was going so quickly and breathing so hard that I couldn't quite figure out what he was singing. It wasn't until I was able to catch the wild man that I could hear what he was singing. "G - R - EEE - N - T! That's ME!"

I just looked at him, and then of course, covered him in kisses! I was so proud of him. No, I didn't name my child Grent....I did, however, name him Grant. We have been working on his name and made up a little song to help him spell his name, and I was so thrilled to hear him singing his song without us prompting him. No, he didn't spell it completely right. BUUUUUT - he was only ONE letter away! I was so proud that of him! Of course, I tried to get it on video, but he wouldn't repeat it for the camera. I put my camera down, and he did it over and over again. It was like the camera was the off switch.

Thank you, Slice of Life, for making me look at the little things and celebrate them. I am excited to continue writing about these moments in my life and reading all of yours! What a great opportunity I have as a teacher to grow!

Students, when have YOU been one away, but proud of yourself? Write your own slice (or time you were proud when you were one away) from that moment in Google Docs and share it with me for extra credit! 


  1. It is so important to recognize the parts are kids do correctly and celebrate with them. It makes a huge difference for us and them!

  2. I think this month will be a gift to focus in on the little things that make our lives so incredible. Thank you for sharing that moment. You gave me the chance to celebrate your son's accomplishment with you.

  3. Aw, what a precious little moment. I could just see him tearing through the halls as you described it. One away, not so bad. So glad you are here.

  4. One away...I love the idea of celebrating those times when we ALMOST get there! Grant's story is the perfect example of just such a moment. Thank you for this adorable and memorable illustration.

  5. Love this glimpse into your little guy's life. And the way you've invited your students to slice. Welcome to our community!

  6. Loved Grant's story. We really do have to celebrate those precious times when they are so close. His joy was apparent (as was yours).

  7. Loved Grant's story. We really do have to celebrate those precious times when they are so close. His joy was apparent (as was yours).

  8. Brooke,
    What a perfect celebration! So very close! If we celebrate all the things he did:
    So very, very close.
    What a precious slice celebrating that life does not have to be 100%. Welcome to the March slicing world!

  9. What a moment! And what a great reminder to stop and appreciate those moments. If my son wasn't in bed right now, I'd grab him and cover him in kisses, too. :)

  10. I love it! They never do it for the camera! Bravo to your son! One away is great. My former pastor used to remind us "never to underestimate the power of the first step." You have reminded me never to let the need for one more last step overshadow all the steps completed. Bravo to your son.