Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I Noticed

When I started this challenge, one of the first blog posts I read said she was going to focus on acts of kindness she saw this month (the link above takes you to her most recent slice).I love love that idea! While I wasn't going to copy her theme, I set out to notice the same thing daily, and I was so surprised to find all the great things going on around me. First thing this morning, kindness embraced me.

As the storm raged outside our house, thunder clapped, and the neighbors car alarm went off repeatedly, I woke with my own raging storm. A headache. Thankfully, not a migraine or I would not be able to type, but still horrible. I laid in bed tossing and turning and realized I never posted a blog last night. Having too much fun being snugglebuggled (what Grant calls it when we all sit on the couch together), I guess. I realized that put me out of the contest, but another feeling hit me in between throbs. I am not ready to stop. Usually, all it takes is one time of NOT doing it to be finished. Not this time! I was already trying to think about what I would write today. That is when it happens. Multiple acts of kindness before 5:30 am.

My sweet husband woke up and asked me how long I have been awake. I think the easier question would be how long did I sleep. Not much. I already tried my mom's trick of a hot bath with a rolled up towel. I already drank a bottle in a half of water like my friend, Emili, says to do. Now I am wallowing in my pain. My sweet husband turned  the pillow sideways, kissed me, and walked towards the kitchen.

Why is turning the pillow sideways a big deal? I told him once that my Nana used to do that when I spent the night to make sure I didn't fall off the bed. It always stuck with me. No matter how old I was, when she woke up and got out of bed, she turned the pillow. Now, Adam does this, and he doesn't realize it, but he is showing his love for me.

He then brewed the coffee and brought me a cup. Although I am in bed this morning  because of a pounding head, one of my favorite things to do is read my Kindle in bed with coffee. He could have just sat on the couch with his cup, but no. He brought me mine. Knowing him, he probably hasn't even poured his yet. He went back and found medicine and another bottle of water. Small things, I know. But small things usually equate to the biggest impact on the heart, don't ya think?

Kindness is all around us.


  1. There are so many acts of kindness around us - so nice to focus on the postives in life!

    Love this ". But small things usually equate to the biggest impact on the heart, don't ya think?" Always celebrate the small things!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I love how he turns the pillow sideways for you. Talk about an action speaking louder than words. That definitely shows love!

  3. How lovely that your husband shows his love in so many small ways. Hope your headache is better tonight.Having lived with migraines for 30+ years - I know how debilitating headaches can be. Take care.(Have you ever used Vick's vapor rub? I rub it on the side of my forehead that aches and behind my ear, on my neck. I always carry it with me. It saved me a lot at school.