Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not an Island

This is true whether it is you OR your child. It is doubley difficult when both you AND your husband are teachers. This morning, after calling in to stay home with Grant, I ran to the school to prepare sub plans. I promised that it would be QUICK. It was anything BUT quick. Nothing worked like I needed it to, and since I was on a time crunch (Adam HAD to get to work), I think I was frazzled.

However, I realized I wasn't alone in this. I had my people. You have those people, too.

Those people that immediately come to your rescue. Those people that do whatever they can even if all they are doing are OFFERING to help. Several of my coworkers made sure my sub had the schedule, enough copies, and the ability to log on. Our tech queen checked in with her and made sure she could get my lesson up and working. Many have already texted/called to tell me all is a-ok.

So, today, after taking a moment to breathe, I know that I am not in this alone.
I am not an island while at work. I am thankful that I have surrounded myself with people that will stop and help when it is needed.

Student assignment:

Today we are reviewing pronouns...when to use them and when to NOT. For extra credit, copy and paste my blog post into Google Docs and highlight my pronouns. There are A LOT! In your opinion, did I use too many? Did I write with repetition? Clarity?

For an extra credit opportunity - write a quick slice about a time your PEOPLE came to the rescue.


  1. This is a great reminder. We do need to ask for help when we need it and it's a wonderful feeling to have that support system!

    1. You know, Katie, I think you hit the nail on the head. We need to ASK for help! Too often I don't ask, so that I am not a burden. I tell my kids all the times that I can't read minds (even though I try!), so how can I expect my coworkers and support system to read my mind?! Thanks for putting into words what I did not!

  2. I remember those days so well - when staying after school to prepare day plans for a couple of days took hours, because you were't feeling well. Hope all is on the mend now! aBless those who do have our backs!

  3. I have a hard time asking for help. This post was an excellent reminder that we can ask and that often we will even receive it!

  4. Accepting help is right up there with accepting compliments gracefully. Asking for and accepting help gracefully - it is SOOOOO NOT a sign of failure!