Thursday, April 14, 2016

Not here today!

When I ask Grant how school is everyday, he gives me a list of who didn't make it to school that day. He says it the same way, "_______ not here toooday."

 Well, 7th graders, Mrs. Kinsman not here tooooday!!! You will be using your Chromebook to study your new vocabulary for Chapter 8 through Quizlet!

Chapter 8 Vocabulary link

After you read chapter 8 - click here to take the chapter 8 quiz!!

For extra credit, write a summary of chapter 8 in the comments section! The summary must be at least 2 sentences in order to receive any credit!

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  1. Bud reunites with his friend from the home named Bugs. Bud learns that Bugs is trying to catch a train too. Bud and Bugs stay in Hooverville until they can catch the train. Bud gets his 1st kiss with a girl while washing the dishes in the stream.