Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bud, Not Buddy

I don't know about you, but I like it when a book ends all nice and tidy. I like to know what happens with the characters, and that, of course, it is a happy ending.

I did not love the ending of Bud, Not Buddy. I loved the book. I LOOOOVVEEED the book. The ending? What happened? I think that authors write nonendings so that we have to use our imagination. I don't want to use my imagination - I want to know what REALLY happens. (And yes, sometimes I have to remind myself that nothing really happens to them...they are characters in a book. Not. Real. People. Except you need to know that I don't really believe that. All of the characters I read about are real to me. That is why I am so crazy!)

Where you left with questions at the end of Bud, Not Buddy? Did this book leave you thinking about the characters and their emotions? I know that I can't stop thinking about what I THINK happened 5...10...15 years down the road. To help make ME feel better, we are going to write our own epilogue for Bud, Not Buddy.

We will be sharing our epilogues through our blogs!

What books have you read that didn't end the way you wanted? Comment below for extra credit!

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