Thursday, June 9, 2016

Unpacking the TEKS

This is for a workshop that I am attending through Region 7. I couldn't figure out how to add it to the discussion board, so I figured I would use this blog! I am having to dust the cobwebs off the blog a little! I can't wait to get back to using this for my kiddos next year! 

I am a middle school teacher, so I chose TEKS 7.14C. I have always unpacked my TEKS, and I have done it many different ways. I have used a binder, a composition notebook, and even Google Slides. However, I REALLY like using file folders. 

A couple of things that I do differently. First of all, I always start with the Knowledge and Skills statement. I think that it gives me a LOT of information and is often overlooked. On the front side of the file folder you will see the Knowledge and Skills statement, the standard broken down, and in yellow writing (harder to see in pic) the reporting category. The inside of the folder is where I put any essentials (graphic organizer, writing prompts that are keepers, writing samples that are keepers, etc), it is also where I put vocabulary that either I need to know or the students need to know. I went to a workshop with Dee Jordan, and she shared with us the idea of putting question stems from released tests, so I also put that on the inside. That ensures that as I am teaching the lesson that I am questioning the students appropriately.