Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Vision for 2017

On Facebook recently, I noticed someone post a vision board for the new year. I began to think about what a vision board was and if it was something that would be useful. 

A vision board, according to MakeaVisionBoard.com (hmmm..I wonder how they feel about the subject?), is, "a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus" on goals. I found some articles that, of course, encouraged the use of vision boards as a personal and professional way to visualize growth within yourself. Then...I read the opposing side. Psychology Today made the point that it isn't actually the visualization that makes it work. Most would think that would be common sense, and I went into this KNOWING that dreaming about a bag of chips will not magically make a bag of chips appear before me. I have to work for it. 

After reading the research from Psychology Today, you would think I would NOT be making a vision board, so why am I? Well easy. Even though I know that I have to do more than dream, it is NICE to actually see what I am working towards. It was a great exercise for me to put together using pictures and quotes what I am working towards. It made me think about what I want, and made me begin thinking of the ACTION that will be needed. 

Dr. Neil Farber (Psychology Today author) took the words right out of my mouth (and made a better sentence out of those words haha!), "Ideas, thoughts, and dreams are great, but they are forms of energy which do not necessarily lead to action." While they may not necessarily lead to action, it all depends on the person. I am dedicating myself to action. Below is my vision board (instructions on how I made it will be posted here), and each day I will post about what a portion of it means for me. 

I encourage you to create a vision board as well, and if you are one of my students and will send it to me following the instructions above, you will receive extra credit for the 4th six weeks!

Read my explanations below!

My Vision Board Explained - Part One
My Vision Board Explained - Part Two 


  1. Your post made me smile! Years ago, I used to create vision boards with my own children. We covered them with words and images of things we hoped to accomplish. One of those boards managed to hang out in the corner of our den for a number of years. On it was a picture of Delta jet. This jet represented my son's dream to of becoming a commercial airline pilot.At many points along the way, we didn't know if he would make it. Today he is flying 767's. It all started with a vision (board!). Dream on!

  2. Well, I am glad you went ahead and made your vision board. I'm a believer that you do need to throw your ideas out there and it is up to you whether or not you act on them. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the directions too!