Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vision Board Explained Part Three

Aren't you ready to read a little bit more of what I have chosen and why?

This part of my explanations really deals with three different pictures; however, you will notice I use some of these pictures in a different example as well.

As a teacher, sometimes I get stuck in a rut. I do what I have always done because it is comfortable and because I know how to do it and because it isn't scary. I am tired of those excuses, and I am challenging myself to GROW in several different ways.

For instance, I have had the idea to use literature circles in my writing classroom to reinforce reading skills after my standardized tests. A lot of teachers use the time after their standardized tests to go slower; however, I don't want to go slower! I want to be a change maker! Shake things up! I have some great ideas in the works, but it is only going to work if my Donors Choose gets funded.

That brings me to the scary thing about new ideas - SOMETIMES there are things OUTSIDE of your control that stops that great idea. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to do something or make something happen, but there has been a roadblock. Roadblocks stink! I don't help the situation by usually having the great idea too late. I think of something and want to implement it the very next day or week.

This year, I am really focusing on starting early enough to do some road work myself. If I can begin thinking about my plans and thoughts early enough, maybe I can get the jackhammer out myself and stop some of those roadblocks!

If you feel so inclined, check out my Donor's Choose page to see my project, and some projects of others I know. Get involved in helping teachers' ideas become a reality!

You can read about why I created a Vision Board here.

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