Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vision Board Explained Part Two

I am working on this series of explanations for my vision board (original post here). You can look on the original post to see a link to my first explanation, but now - on to my second explanation...

   Because I am a naturally lazy person, I know that I need a little extra motivation. For this reason, my goal for this year is to walk at least four loops a day. One thing that is important to realize is that a loop is by NO MEANS a lap around the track. Two wonderful coworkers of mine have divided our school into sections, or loops, and we have made a little competition of how many we can walk each day. The map shows the approximate amount of steps each loop happens to be, but I use my iPhone to track my personal steps. When I was an elementary school teacher, I am sure that I walked MILES each day, but as a middle school teacher, I realize that I can go whole days hardly walking! 

  One way I am going to ensure that I get my four loops in is to walk first thing in the morning. I am determined to get to school as early as I can, and walk my loops before the tardy bell even rings. I have realized that if I don't do it then, my motivation for actually doing it dwindles. While I am walking my loops, it will give me a moment to plan out my day, my transitions, and get my mind in a good spot for the day. 

  While getting to school early will ensure that I get my loops in, I realized there is another way to make sure I am successful: earbuds. For the first several days, I walked while listening to a book, but a few days last week, I left my earbuds at home. I noticed that I walked MORE while listening to my book then without. I have several theories about why that is the case, but it all boils down to being distracted. While I am focused on my book, I am not paying attention to the clock and all of the other things that I could be doing. By getting lost in the audiobook, I walk almost in a haze, and this helps me achieve more loops. 

  It isn't much, but so far, by following the two steps above, I have walked at least a mile each day. This is definitely more than what I was doing previously, and I am feeling better about my self and my health. 

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