Creating your Vision Board

To create your vision board, first open up You will then open another tab to begin searching for your pictures. Think about goals that you have for yourself, plans you want to make, or even something you aspire to be - you will use these thoughts to guide your image search.

When in images, make sure that you click TOOLS.

  Now you will need to click Usage Rights. This is an important thing to remember to do when looking up images. Sometimes there are images available that are copyrighted. We want to make sure that we use only images that are freely available for use. When you are in Usage Rights, you will see several different options. I usually use Labeled for Reuse, but for students, you can definitely use Labeled for Noncommercial (meaning you aren't going to make money off of the picture or blog).

Once you have done that, you will search for your images (making sure you check the usage rights), and save those images onto your computer. You will go back to your slide and insert the images you have saved.

When you have made your slide look the way you want, you will go to File --->Download As----->JPeg At that point, you will be able to share the vision board with me, or even upload it on your own blog or social media account.

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